Setting Up Classrooms

Getting Started with Classroom

If you are using Classroom you have one of the following licenses.

Classroom: This license is for one teacher and their students.

Multi-Classroom: Allows for the creation of multiple classrooms with a cumulative limit of 50 students.

Campus License: Allows for the creation of multiple classrooms with a cumulative limit of 500 students

If you have a Multi-Classroom or Campus License user, you may want to have someone designated to be the administrator. This may be someone in the Technology department, or a designated teacher.

It is best to only have one or two people oversee the administration of a Multi-Classroom or Campus License for set up and maintenance purposes.

Classroom Setup

First time log in and set up:

Please have your license number accessible as you will need this to log in. Your license number is located on your receipt.

Go to You and your students will use this website to login each time. You may want to bookmark this site. You can access this website from any browser and on any device.

Alternatively, if you have the online receipt from Terrapin Logo, the license code will appear at the bottom of the receipt. Click on the license code which is also a link, the link will open the login dialog and fill in the license code for you.

The first thing you will see is the Login Chooser. Select the “with License Code option”.

Enter your license code. You will not have a password the first time you log in. Leave the password blank. You will set that up once you are logged in. You may want to select remember my license code to make future logins easier.

Creating Admin Password

Set your password. From the toolbar select tools, a dropdown menu will appear. Select settings from the dropdown menu.

Create your password. You will leave the current password blank when setting up your first password. Should you decide to change your password in the future you will need to enter current password.

If you have a Single User or Household License, you are done with setting up your login.

If you purchased a Classroom, Multi-classroom or Campus License use the table of contents in the upper right corner, select the type of license you purchased for step by step instructions, or click on the specific step you are looking for found underneath your classroom type.

Classroom License

To set up your classroom, select tools in the toolbar menu, a dropdown menu will appear. Select Classroom from the dropdown menu.

(A classroom license is intended for one class, therefore the create a class option is disabled.)

Assign a Teacher to the Classroom

Delete the words Teacher’s Name and Teacher’s Password replacing with the assigned teacher name and password you assign.

The teacher's name and password is in the first row. To update or make a change you delete what is in row one, enter the new information and click “Update Classroom”.

Important The login credentials will be:

Classroom name: Classroom name assigned by Terrapin Logo
Password: (the password that you assigned).

Assign Students to a Classroom

You can add students and their passwords manually or batch upload utilizing a CSV file.

Manually Click the green plus sign on the upper right side. Enter the student's name and password. All passwords must be unique.

CSV File A CSV file may be utilized to batch upload students and passwords. The file MUST NOT contain any headers. All passwords must be unique.

“Random Passwords” will assign random passwords to each student.

A students log-in credentials will be:

Classroom Name: School name assigned by Terrapin Logo (You can change the name assigned to your school by contacting Terrapin.)
Password:(the password that you assigned).

Set a Log-Out Timer

Enter the number of minutes of inactivity before Logo logs out the student, or leave the field blank or enter “0” to disable automatic logout.

Modify the Classroom

Delete Contents: This button erases all data in the classroom.

Multi-Classroom License and Campus License

With a multi-classroom or a Campus license, the “Create” button is enabled. Click this button to enter the name of a new classroom.


The classroom name should only contain letters and numbers; it cannot contain any of these characters: :.[]{}()&~!^=. The classroom name will be the classroom name assigned by Terrapin Logo, followed by a dot, plus the specific classroom name created for the teacher. For example if your school was assigned abcelementary“, and you created “MrsJones_Math”, the login name for that class will be “abcelementary.MrsJones_Math”.

Note that the classroom name is not case sensitive. When logging in to the new classroom, “abcelementary.mrsjones_math” works just fine.

The log-in credentials will be:

Classroom Name: abcelementary.MrsJones_Math (the new classroom name)
Password: (the password that you assigned).