Table of Contents

Logo Properties

This section contains an alphabetic listing of all Logo properties.

ATop ⬆

ALIGNControls the alignment of a widget in a grid cell.
ALPHAControls the transparency of the colors the turtle uses to draw.
ANCHORControls the anchoring of a widget.
APPENDAppends one or more items to the list box.
APPNAMEContains the name of your Logo app.
ARRAYBASEControls the lowest array or grid index.
AUTOSAVEControls the amount of data that Logo saves and restores automatically.
AUTOSCROLLGets or sets a vertical scroll bar.
AUTOWIDTHControls the auto-resizing of a widget in a grid cell.

BTop ⬆

BACKGROUNDControls the background color of a control.
BATTERYReports the battery level of InO-Bot.
BATTERYReports the battery level.
BGCOLORControls the background color of the Graphics panel.
BGPATTERNSets the background pattern.
BORDERSets or reports the widget's border color.
BOUNDSReports the widget's size, depending on the scale and rotation.
BROWSERReports the browser name.
BUMPERLEFTReports the state of the robot's left bumper sensor.
BUMPERRIGHTReports the state of the robot's right bumper sensor.
BUTTONReports the state of the mouse's buttons.

CTop ⬆

CALIBRATIONControls InO-Bot's calibration factors for turns and movements.
CAMERAControls which camera is active.
CAMERASOutputs a list of camera names.
CASEControls the conversion of input to upper case.
CELLSIZEControls the size of all table cells.
CLEARErases the contents of the list box.
CLIFFReports Root's cliff sensor.
COLORControls the text color of a control.
COLORControls the grid's cell border color.
COLORED.TURTLESDisplays turtles with their pen color.
COLORSReports the state of Root'S color sensor array.
COLUMNSets or reports the widget's column number if in a grid cell.
COLUMNSControls the number of columns of a grid.
CONNECTORControls InO-Bot's external connector.
CONTROLS.FONTControls the font used when creating a control.
CRAWLSets or reports the widget's crawl speed.

DTop ⬆

DEBUGGERControls the use of the Logo debugger.
DISTANCEReports InO-Bot's distance to an obstacle.

ETop ⬆

ENABLEDEnables or disables a widget.
ENVIRONMENTReports the device that Logo is executing upon.

FTop ⬆

FILTERGets or sets the edit field's input filter.
FINDFinds a list box item.
FONTSets or reports the widget's font.
FRONTLEFTReports the status of InO-Bot's front left obstacle sensor.
FRONTRIGHTReports the status of InO-Bot's front right obstacle sensor.
FULLSCREENControls whether to have Terrapin Logo occupy the entire screen or display in normal size.

GTop ⬆

GLOWDetermines whether the widget's drop shadow appears as a glow effect.

HTop ⬆

HEADINGControls the widget's heading.

ITop ⬆

INCREMENTControls the increment value when the slider is dragged.
INDEXControls the index of a selected list box item.
INFRAREDControls InO-Bot's infrared sensor.
INSERTInserts one or more items into a list box.
ITEMOutputs a list box item by index.
ITEMCOUNTReports the number of list box items.
ITEMSControls the contents of the listbox.

KTop ⬆

KEYReports the last key that the user has typed.

LTop ⬆

LAYOUTControls the position and size of a panel.
LIGHTReports the status of InO-Bot's light sensor.
LIGHTReports the status of Root's light sensors.
LIGHTSControls InO-Bot's headlights.
LIMITLimits the number of character that a user can enter into an edit box.
LINELEFTReports the status of InO-Bot's left line sensor.
LINERIGHTReports the status of InO-Bot's right line sensor.
LINKGets or sets the video link of the video to display.
LINKGets or sets the URL of the page to display.
LISTENER.LINESControls the maximum number of lines in the Listener panel.
LISTENER.READONLYControls whether all output in the Listener panel is readonly.
LOADLoads an image file into the bitmap.
LOCALEAlters Logo's language.

MTop ⬆

MAXIMUMControls the maximum value of the slider.
MINIMUMControls the minimum value of the slider.
MODIFIEDReports whether the contents of an edit box have been modified.
MOUSEReports the position of the mouse.

NTop ⬆

NAMESets or reports the object's alias name.
NOISELEVELReports InO-Bot's microphone noise level.

OTop ⬆

OFFSETControls the location of the Graphic Panel's center point.
OPACITYControls the opacity value used for colors.
ORIGINControls the origin of the widget's coordinate system.
ORIGINALNAMEReports the widget's original name.

PTop ⬆

PATTERNReports or sets the current fill pattern.
PENCOLORContains the current pen color.
PENSTATEControls the turtle's pen state.
PENWIDTHGets or sets the turtle's pen width.
PICTURE.FORMATControls the file extension used for images if none was supplied.
PLACEHOLDERGets or sets the edit field's placeholder text.
POSITIONSets or reports the widget's position.
PRECISIONControls the number of decimals that Logo prints.
PRINT.BITMAPSControls the printing of bitmaps and turtles.

RTop ⬆

REARLEFTReports the status of InO-Bot's rear left obstacle sensor.
REARRIGHTReports the status of InO-Bot's rear right obstacle sensor.
RELAXED.SYNTAXRelaxes the syntax requirements of Logo.
REMOVERemoves a list box item.
REPLACEReplace a listbox item text.
RESOLUTIONOutputs a two-element list of the current camera resolution.
ROWSets or reports the widget's row number in a grid.
ROWSGets or sets the number of rows in a grid.
RUNStores a runlist that Logo executes when the widget is clicked.

STop ⬆

SAVESaves the bitmap into an image file.
SCALEControls the widget's scaling.
SCREENSIZEReports the size of the browser window (Web) or the desktop (Desktop version).
SELECTEDChanges the input focus to the control.
SHADOWControls the widget's drop shadow.
SHAPEGets or sets the turtle's shape.
SHAPELOCKLocks or unlocks a widget's rotation.
SIZEReports or sets the size of the widget's image size.
SIZE (DRAWSIZE)Reports the size of the Graphics panel.
STACKSIZEControls the maximum number of nested procedure calls.
STALLEDReports whether a motor has stalled.
STAMPDraws the bitmap.
STARTANGLEContains the starting angle of a widget if dropped.
STATEGets or sets the Selected state of a check box or radio button.
STATEControls the display mode of a panel.
STEPSIZEControls the number of pixels per step that the widget moves forward or backwards.

TTop ⬆

TABControls the tab stop size used in the Listener's output field.
TEXTGets or sets the text of the control.
TEXTALIGNControls the alignment of the text within the control.
TITLEOutputs the name of the currently attached camera.
TOOLTIPControls the contents of the widget's tool tip.
TOUCHReports touch data on touch screen equipped devices.
TOUCHFRONTLEFTReports the state of Root's top front left touch sensor.
TOUCHFRONTRIGHTReports the state of Root's top front right touch sensor.
TOUCHREARLEFTReports the state of Root's top rear left touch sensor.
TOUCHREARRIGHTReports the state of Root's top rearright touch sensor.
TURTLE.FONTControls the font used when creating a control.

UTop ⬆

USERNAMEReports the user's name.

VTop ⬆

VALUESets or gets the current value of a slider.
VELOCITYControls the speed at which a widget moves independently.
VERSIONReports the Logo version number.
VISIBLEHides or shows the widget.

WTop ⬆

WRAPMODEControls how the turtle reacts when it hits the edge of the Graphics panel.

ZTop ⬆

Z.ORDERControls the sequence of widgets when displayed.