User Storage

Every licensed user will have his own storage area on a cloud server, pre-filled with an Init.lgo file, and links to the Toolbox and Sounds folders. He has full access rights to that folder; the Sounds and Toolbox folders are read-only, because they are shared across all users. A user that is not logged in has a only read access to a common folder with an Init.lgo file that prints information about the try-out version of Logo.

Both Windows and the Mac Finder can mount this storage as a network drive. The link to the storage is currently

The user name is username@username for the main (or single) user, and username@mainusername for multiuser sub-users. If Challenger Schools bought a multiuser license and set up a sub-user mike, the usernames would, for example, be challenger@challenger and mike@challenger.

The main user will have full access to the sub-users, whose folders are visible to him. In addition, he can create two special folders COMMON and SHARED if he desires. Both folders will be visible to sub-users as their own sub-folders. Sub-users will have read access to COMMON and full access to SHARED. COMMON is intended to store common tasks and challenges, while SHARED is intended as a data-swap location between all users.

The internal folder structure on the server is set up so people can up- or downgrade their license without any loss of data.

This picture shows how a mounted storage would look like under Windows.

This picture shows the user folders for a main and a sub-user.