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2018-19 School Year

Vol.14 No.4 Winter 2019 Issue
Vol.14 No.3 Holiday 2018 Issue
Vol.14 No.2 Fall 2018 Issue
Vol.14 No.1 Back to School 2018 Celebrating 35 Years

2017-18 School Year

Vol.13 No.6 Summer 2018 Issue
Vol.13 No.5 Spring 2018 Issue
Vol.13 No.4 Winter 2018 Issue
Vol.13 No.3 Holiday 2017 Issue
Vol.13 No.2 Fall 2017 Issue
Vol.13 No.1 Back to School 2017 Issue

2016-17 School Year

Vol.12 No.6 Summer 2017 Issue
Vol.12 No.5 Spring 2017 Issue
Vol.12 No.4 Winter 2017 Issue
Vol.12 No.3 Holiday 2016 Issue
Vol.12 No.2 Terrapin Logo/Web Is Now Available
Vol.12 No.1 Never Too Young To Code

2015-16 School Year

Vol.11 No.6 TacTile Reader: A New Way to Program
Vol.11 No.5 Spring 2016 Issue
Vol.11 No.4 Winter 2016 Issue
Vol.11 No.3 The Holiday 2015 Issue
Vol.11 No.2 Bee + Pro + Blue = Ultimate Robot Trio
Vol.11 No.1 Choose the 'Bot for Your Bundle

2014-15 School Year

Vol.10 No.2 Blue-Bot is coming soon!
Vol.10 No.1 New Terrapin Logo 4.0 Now Available

2013-14 School Year

Vol.9 No.3 Build a Bee-Bot Bundle
Most links of the issues below will not work anymore!
Vol.9 No.2 Bee-Give Learning and Fun for the Holidays
Vol.9 No.1 Bee-Bots are now rechargeable!

2012-13 School Year

Vol.8 No.4 Visit Terrapin at ISTE 2013
Vol.8 No.3 New Bee-Bot Backpack and Hive
Vol.8 No.2 Holiday Specials with Free Shipping
Vol.8 No.1 Back to School with 'Bots!

2011-12 School Year

Vol.7 No.4 Logo Library Summer Sale!
Vol.7 No.3 New App Brings Bee-Bot to iPad
Vol.7 No.2 Holiday Bundles Make Great Gifts
Vol.7 No.1 Bee-Bot Dice Mat Builds Number Skills

2010-11 School Year

Vol.6 No.4 New On-Line Logo Math Course
Vol.6 No.3 Kinderlogo Brings Logo to Young Learners
Vol.6 No.2 Logo Models and Methods Second Edition
Vol.6 No.1 Pro-Bot and Logo Make a Great Combination

2009-10 School Year

Vol.5 No.5 Tell Us Your Logo Experience
Vol.5 No.4 Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot
Vol.5 No.3 Holiday Bundles Make Great Gifts
Vol.5 No.2 Unlimited Challenges with Pro-Bot Route Mat
Vol.5 No.1 Embark on Logo Adventures

2008-09 School Year

Vol.4 No.4 Go, Logo! : Logo and Math for Middle School
Vol.4 No.3 Use Bee-Bot to Teach Across the Curriculum
Vol.4 No.2 Teach Economic Basics with Bee-Bot Coin Mat
Vol.4 No.1 New Terrapin Logo Version 3 Now Available

2007-08 School Year

Vol.3 No.4 Fun Summer Learning with Logo Combo Packs
Vol.3 No.3 New Format for Logo Curriculum
Vol.3 No.2 Crystal Rain Forest V2 is here!
Vol.3 No.1 Pro-Bot Combines Logo and Robotics

2006-07 School Year

Vol.2 No.4 Blast Off for Far Out Logo Investigations!
Vol.2 No.3 Enter the Bee-Bot Worlds…
Vol.2 No.2 Introducing Bee-Bot
Vol.2 No.1 Turtle Talk Begins Electronic Publication


Volume 4, Number 3
Spring 2009
Welcome to the spring issue of Turtle Talk,
the quarterly Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

Use Bee-Bot to Teach Across the Curriculum
Bee-Bot Lessons

Terrapin announces the publication of Bee-Bot Lessons, a collection of 100 lesson plans for using Bee-Bot as a teaching tool. Bee-Bot Lessons was developed by Cristy McBee (no kidding!), a kindergarten teacher in a technology rich laboratory classroom in Rock Springs, WY. Each has been tested and refined by the author and her district colleagues.

Bee-Bot Lessons target pre-K to 2nd grade and cover 10 subject areas including math, science, social studies, reading, and art. Each lesson states its objective, provides implementation instructions, and suggests adaptations for both struggling and advanced students. Each is mapped to standards for its subject.

Bee-Bot Lessons includes a CD of brightly colored images that appeal to young children. Images are matched to each lesson and organized into PDF files that can easily be printed.

In conjunction with Bee-Bot Lessons, Terrapin is introducing the Bee-Bot Card Mat, a 6 by 6 grid with a clear plastic sheet on top. Each square represents one Bee-Bot step. Lift the plastic sheet, place images from Bee-Bot Lessons on the grid, and lower the plastic sheet to lock them in place. With the grid as a guide, students use Bee-Bot to explore the subject or task represented by the images. The combination of Bee-Bot Lessons and Bee-Bot Card Mat provides a powerful teaching environment for using Bee-Bot in the classroom.

Check out the Bee-Bot Lessons and Card Mat...

Ball State Course Empowers Teachers with Logo
Digital and analog clocks illustrate Logo projects.

Prof. Kathryn Shafer uses Terrapin Logo with preservice teachers at Ball State University in Muncie, IN. Logo is used to teach about polygons, the Pythagorean theorem, and trigonometry. Each student completes a project to demonstrate their mastery of both the math and Logo. This year students created cityscapes, such as the one illustrated here, and recorded the drawing process so you can watch the city being built .

Prof. Shafer believes the use of Logo pushes students toward a deeper understanding of math concepts and reveals the overarching structure of mathematics. "Use of Logo helps them see that testing, conjecturing, hypothesizing, deducting, proving, symbolizing and computing constitute the objectives of mathematics education," she stated, "and prepares them to use a Logo environment with their own future students to impart the same knowledge."

Practice Physics with the Logo Cannon
Logo project

Logo Project Ideas , a section of the Terrapin web site where Logo users post projects, offers interesting examples of how Logo is used. A recent posting by R.J., a home-schooled student in New Mexico and ardent Logo programmer, is a Logo game that illustrates principles of physics.

The Canon-shot project simulates shooting a cannon at a target on the other side of a hill. The cannon angle and power must be set before a shot is fired. Wind speeds vary between shots so settings must be adjusted to compensate. Download Cannon-shot and run it in Terrapin Logo to see how many shots it takes to hit the target. Examine the program for ideas for projects of your own.

In this issue
  • Use Bee-Bot to Teach Across the Curriculum
  • Ball State Course Empowers Teachers with Logo
  • Practice Physics with the Logo Cannon
  • Quick Links...

    Turtle Talk Archive

    Upgrade to Terrapin Logo v. 3

    Contact Terrapin

    Logo at Urbana Elementary School
    Allison, a student at Urbana Elementary School in Frederick, MD, interviews her teacher, Mr. Esko, about using Terrapin Logo at the school and shows her classmates' Logo projects in this SchoolTube video .

    "Seymour Papert really understood how to create a program that teaches kids to think. Logo inspires my students to think and problem solve."

    Nancy March, teacher
    Yarmouth, ME Elementary School
    Terrapin has a few copies available of Mindstorms, the book by Seymour Papert which introduced Logo and the Logo philosophy.

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