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2018-19 School Year

Vol.14 No.4 Winter 2019 Issue
Vol.14 No.3 Holiday 2018 Issue
Vol.14 No.2 Fall 2018 Issue
Vol.14 No.1 Back to School 2018 Celebrating 35 Years

2017-18 School Year

Vol.13 No.6 Summer 2018 Issue
Vol.13 No.5 Spring 2018 Issue
Vol.13 No.4 Winter 2018 Issue
Vol.13 No.3 Holiday 2017 Issue
Vol.13 No.2 Fall 2017 Issue
Vol.13 No.1 Back to School 2017 Issue

2016-17 School Year

Vol.12 No.6 Summer 2017 Issue
Vol.12 No.5 Spring 2017 Issue
Vol.12 No.4 Winter 2017 Issue
Vol.12 No.3 Holiday 2016 Issue
Vol.12 No.2 Terrapin Logo/Web Is Now Available
Vol.12 No.1 Never Too Young To Code

2015-16 School Year

Vol.11 No.6 TacTile Reader: A New Way to Program
Vol.11 No.5 Spring 2016 Issue
Vol.11 No.4 Winter 2016 Issue
Vol.11 No.3 The Holiday 2015 Issue
Vol.11 No.2 Bee + Pro + Blue = Ultimate Robot Trio
Vol.11 No.1 Choose the 'Bot for Your Bundle

2014-15 School Year

Vol.10 No.2 Blue-Bot is coming soon!
Vol.10 No.1 New Terrapin Logo 4.0 Now Available

2013-14 School Year

Vol.9 No.3 Build a Bee-Bot Bundle
Most links of the issues below will not work anymore!
Vol.9 No.2 Bee-Give Learning and Fun for the Holidays
Vol.9 No.1 Bee-Bots are now rechargeable!

2012-13 School Year

Vol.8 No.4 Visit Terrapin at ISTE 2013
Vol.8 No.3 New Bee-Bot Backpack and Hive
Vol.8 No.2 Holiday Specials with Free Shipping
Vol.8 No.1 Back to School with 'Bots!

2011-12 School Year

Vol.7 No.4 Logo Library Summer Sale!
Vol.7 No.3 New App Brings Bee-Bot to iPad
Vol.7 No.2 Holiday Bundles Make Great Gifts
Vol.7 No.1 Bee-Bot Dice Mat Builds Number Skills

2010-11 School Year

Vol.6 No.4 New On-Line Logo Math Course
Vol.6 No.3 Kinderlogo Brings Logo to Young Learners
Vol.6 No.2 Logo Models and Methods Second Edition
Vol.6 No.1 Pro-Bot and Logo Make a Great Combination

2009-10 School Year

Vol.5 No.5 Tell Us Your Logo Experience
Vol.5 No.4 Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot
Vol.5 No.3 Holiday Bundles Make Great Gifts
Vol.5 No.2 Unlimited Challenges with Pro-Bot Route Mat
Vol.5 No.1 Embark on Logo Adventures

2008-09 School Year

Vol.4 No.4 Go, Logo! : Logo and Math for Middle School
Vol.4 No.3 Use Bee-Bot to Teach Across the Curriculum
Vol.4 No.2 Teach Economic Basics with Bee-Bot Coin Mat
Vol.4 No.1 New Terrapin Logo Version 3 Now Available

2007-08 School Year

Vol.3 No.4 Fun Summer Learning with Logo Combo Packs
Vol.3 No.3 New Format for Logo Curriculum
Vol.3 No.2 Crystal Rain Forest V2 is here!
Vol.3 No.1 Pro-Bot Combines Logo and Robotics

2006-07 School Year

Vol.2 No.4 Blast Off for Far Out Logo Investigations!
Vol.2 No.3 Enter the Bee-Bot Worlds…
Vol.2 No.2 Introducing Bee-Bot
Vol.2 No.1 Turtle Talk Begins Electronic Publication


Volume 13, Number 5 
Spring 2018   
Welcome to the Spring 2018 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.  
Stroll Main Street on the Community Mat
Community Mat for Bee-Bot
Explore Main Street with Bee-Bot
and Blue-Bot
Send Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot all over town with the Community Mat, the newest addition to Terrapin's line of learning mats. The Community Mat includes a school, playground, bookstore, corner market, post office, and locations found in every community.

The Community Mat is a great resource for 1st and 2nd grade community studies. Use it to develop geography and language skills, while reinforcing math, directionality, and basic coding.

Download the Community Mat to the Blue-Bot app from Terrapin's Mat Downloads and send Blue-Bot over the same mat on the tablet and the table. The Community Mat has also been added to Terrapin's online Bee-Bot emulator.

For a limited time the Community Mat is available at an introductory 20% discount.

Me, and Bee-Bot, on the Map
Exploring community and developing mapping skills with Bee-Bot
Kristen Barr, a veteran kindergarten teacher at J.F. Baugher Elementary School in Milton, PA, uses Bee-Bot to teach mapping skills during her Me on the Map kindergarten social studies unit. 

Young children are just beginning to understand the concept of community and their place within it. As they explore moving from one place to another, whether from their cubby to the classroom door or from the store to the post office, they can show what they are learning with Bee-Bot. Concepts in the lesson include distance, directions, location and community.

Kristen brought the lesson home: "I placed local images on the Card Mat showing the relative location of our town library, gas station, school, park, and police station. Bee-Bot traveled all around Milton, Pennsylvania!"

Lessons like Kristen's inspired Terrapin's new Community Mat.

Collaborate with Logo Classrooms 
Michael with students in Stoughton MA
Terrapin Logo author Michael Daumling instructs students in a Logo class at Gibbons Elementary School in Stoughton, MA

Terrapin Logo school licensees have the opportunity to create virtual Logo Classrooms. Like a regular classroom, Logo Classrooms allow students to access instructions and resources provided by the teacher and to work together on their projects. With a virtual Logo Classroom, students may join their group on any device from any connected location.

Teachers control student access to the Logo Classroom by setting up student passwords through the easy-to-use Classroom dialog built directly into Terrapin Logo. Multi-classroom and Campus licensees may establish multiple student groups or classrooms.

Logo Classrooms, introduced with the latest Terrapin Logo release, provide a great new tool for learning to code collaboratively.
In This Issue
Bee-Bot is now available in Canada
 Purchase the full line of Terrapin
 products  directly in Canada via
Avoid border hassles 
and pay in $CAD.  Purchase orders accepted!
ISTE 2018 logo
See Terrapin at 
Chicago, IL
June 25-27

Visit booth #1081
to try products, view accessories, discover ideas, and ask questions.
Easi_Scope Rainbow Six Pack
The Easi-Scope Digital Microscope
is available in an 
economical 6-pack
in a rainbow of colors. Equip your class for scientific exploration, while getting
6 Easi-Scopes for the price of 5.
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April 7
Melrose, FL
April 14
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April 14
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April 14
Long Branch, NJ

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