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2018-19 School Year

Vol.14 No.4 Winter 2019 Issue
Vol.14 No.3 Holiday 2018 Issue
Vol.14 No.2 Fall 2018 Issue
Vol.14 No.1 Back to School 2018 Celebrating 35 Years

2017-18 School Year

Vol.13 No.6 Summer 2018 Issue
Vol.13 No.5 Spring 2018 Issue
Vol.13 No.4 Winter 2018 Issue
Vol.13 No.3 Holiday 2017 Issue
Vol.13 No.2 Fall 2017 Issue
Vol.13 No.1 Back to School 2017 Issue

2016-17 School Year

Vol.12 No.6 Summer 2017 Issue
Vol.12 No.5 Spring 2017 Issue
Vol.12 No.4 Winter 2017 Issue
Vol.12 No.3 Holiday 2016 Issue
Vol.12 No.2 Terrapin Logo/Web Is Now Available
Vol.12 No.1 Never Too Young To Code

2015-16 School Year

Vol.11 No.6 TacTile Reader: A New Way to Program
Vol.11 No.5 Spring 2016 Issue
Vol.11 No.4 Winter 2016 Issue
Vol.11 No.3 The Holiday 2015 Issue
Vol.11 No.2 Bee + Pro + Blue = Ultimate Robot Trio
Vol.11 No.1 Choose the 'Bot for Your Bundle

2014-15 School Year

Vol.10 No.2 Blue-Bot is coming soon!
Vol.10 No.1 New Terrapin Logo 4.0 Now Available

2013-14 School Year

Vol.9 No.3 Build a Bee-Bot Bundle
Most links of the issues below will not work anymore!
Vol.9 No.2 Bee-Give Learning and Fun for the Holidays
Vol.9 No.1 Bee-Bots are now rechargeable!

2012-13 School Year

Vol.8 No.4 Visit Terrapin at ISTE 2013
Vol.8 No.3 New Bee-Bot Backpack and Hive
Vol.8 No.2 Holiday Specials with Free Shipping
Vol.8 No.1 Back to School with 'Bots!

2011-12 School Year

Vol.7 No.4 Logo Library Summer Sale!
Vol.7 No.3 New App Brings Bee-Bot to iPad
Vol.7 No.2 Holiday Bundles Make Great Gifts
Vol.7 No.1 Bee-Bot Dice Mat Builds Number Skills

2010-11 School Year

Vol.6 No.4 New On-Line Logo Math Course
Vol.6 No.3 Kinderlogo Brings Logo to Young Learners
Vol.6 No.2 Logo Models and Methods Second Edition
Vol.6 No.1 Pro-Bot and Logo Make a Great Combination

2009-10 School Year

Vol.5 No.5 Tell Us Your Logo Experience
Vol.5 No.4 Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot
Vol.5 No.3 Holiday Bundles Make Great Gifts
Vol.5 No.2 Unlimited Challenges with Pro-Bot Route Mat
Vol.5 No.1 Embark on Logo Adventures

2008-09 School Year

Vol.4 No.4 Go, Logo! : Logo and Math for Middle School
Vol.4 No.3 Use Bee-Bot to Teach Across the Curriculum
Vol.4 No.2 Teach Economic Basics with Bee-Bot Coin Mat
Vol.4 No.1 New Terrapin Logo Version 3 Now Available

2007-08 School Year

Vol.3 No.4 Fun Summer Learning with Logo Combo Packs
Vol.3 No.3 New Format for Logo Curriculum
Vol.3 No.2 Crystal Rain Forest V2 is here!
Vol.3 No.1 Pro-Bot Combines Logo and Robotics

2006-07 School Year

Vol.2 No.4 Blast Off for Far Out Logo Investigations!
Vol.2 No.3 Enter the Bee-Bot Worlds…
Vol.2 No.2 Introducing Bee-Bot
Vol.2 No.1 Turtle Talk Begins Electronic Publication


Turtle Talk
Volume 11, Number 6
Spring 2016

Welcome to the Spring 2016 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.

TacTile Reader: A New Way to Program
TacTile Reader
Connect to Blue-Bot, Arrange
the Tiles, Press GO!
The TacTile Reader is a unique and fun alternative to using a tablet to program Blue-Bot. Place individual tiles, each representing a Blue-Bot command, in a row on the TacTile Reader to build a sequence of instructions. Press GO and watch Blue-Bot follow the program as each tile lights up step by step. Change the program?  Rearrange the tiles and try again!

The TacTile Reader provides a friendly introduction to remote control and offers a hands-on immersion in coding that is both fun and easy to use.


Each rechargeable TacTile Reader comes complete with 25 tiles. Connect up to three TacTile Readers to create longer programs. Additional standard and extended tile sets are available. 

Promoting Literacy with Bee Bots
On her blog, kindergartenlife, Sharon Davison of Allen Brook School in Williston, VT recounts how she added Bee Bots to her classroom and uses them to promote learning across the curriculum.
Learning about Bee Bots Leads to Literacy
Working with her kindergarten students, Sharon developed a simple activity around the concept of a 'How To' story, through which the children learned not only how to construct such a story, but also practiced their literacy skills, demonstrated creativity, and furthered their understanding of how to use the robots. Sharon says that the activity "was a hit!" Students learn about both Bee Bots and the concept of a 'How To' story, and she can see clearly which students need more help.
Visit Terrapin at ISTE in Denver
ISTE Conference
Visit us in Booth # 3906
Visit Terrapin in Booth #3906 at the ISTE Conference from June 26-29 in Denver. 
  • See the new Blue-Bot TacTile Reader in action
  • Try Terrapin's full line of robots
  • See floor mats and other accessories
  • Get questions answered
Terrapin will also participate in the Computational Thinking Playground on Sunday, June 26 from 12:30 to 4:00 and the Early Learning Playground on Monday, June 27 from 12:30 to 4:00.

Terrapin has a limited number of free exhibit hall passes if you or a family member will be in Denver but are not registered for the conference.  Contact Terrapin for more information.
See you in Denver!
In This Issue
Alphabet Mat in Spanish

La Alfombra del Alfabeto para Bee-Bot y Blue-Bot ya está disponible en español incluyendo las letras ch, ll, y ñ. Haz contacto con Terrapin para más información.

Logo Summer Institutes

The Logo Foundation offers hands-on intensive workshops in creative computing at three locations this summer.  The workshops include the opportunity to explore with Terrapin Logo and Terrapin's robots!

Container ship

Our ship is coming in! Terrapin expects a delivery of Bee-Bots, Backpacks, and Docking Stations in July.  We anticipate all backorders should be shipped by the end of the month.
phone: (800) 774 LOGO

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