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Terrapin products are adaptable to a wide variety of teaching and learning situations. They may be used from the youngest students to adults and in a variety of settings and subject areas. The list below provides a small sampling of how Terrapin products are used in different circumstances. Click on a link in the list below to learn about how Terrapin products are enhancing learning in that location or click on a tag to generate a list associated with that topic.

Also, see what other people say about Logo and other Terrapin products.

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Do you have an exciting story to share? Please feel free to add your story! Email us your story, and we'll set it up for you, and send you a password so you can add more stories, pictures, documents, listings - whatever you want! See this sample page to learn about the basic editing features of this Wiki - it is surprisingly simple!

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Let it snow, Let it snow in LouisianaMoss Bluff Elementary SchoolLake Charles, LAK-6Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, Lousiana, Snowman, Hour of Code
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