Bee-Bots on Treasure Island

Pohkara students are ready to leave for Treasure IslandBee-Bot has arrived in the Himalaya Mountains at the Primary Study Centre in Pokhara, Nepal. Bee-Bot has proven to be a very popular learning tool among students there. Students in Class One, who are from 5 to 7 years old, cheered when Bee-Bot arrived and quickly started using the little robot. They practiced their directions and plotted routes for Bee-Bot to travel by planning which buttons to press and then sending Bee-Bot on its way.

Pokhara students plan their trip around Treasure IslandUsing Bee-Bot with the Treasure Island Mat was an exciting activity for the students. Students sent Bee-Bot exploring around Treasure Island, determining paths that led to features they wanted to see and those, such as sharks and alligators, they wanted to avoid.

Using Bee-Bot on the Treasure Island Mat was paired with a student field trip to an island in nearby Fewa Lake. Students boarded a boat for a visit to the island where they put in practice the skills they learned using Bee-Bot. They worked together to plan a path for making their way around the island and exploring its features themselves as they had done in the classroom with Bee-Bot. Their field trip included a real “treasure” hunt.

Bee-Bot was a tool that made the field trip both more fun and educational. According to principal Sue Kemp, using Bee-Bot “really helped students with their planning skills and boosted their understanding of coordinates.”

Pokhara students en route to Treasure Island

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