Metamo4ic Math Center

Bee-Bot explores geometric shapesThe mission of the Metamo4ic Math Center is to motivate and educate children in the St. Louis metropolitan area to develop an appreciation of mathematics, gain deeper understandings of mathematical concepts, and to learn how math works. The Metamo4ic Math Center does this through a wide range of hands-on interactive exhibits that allow students from pre-school through 8th grade to become actively engaged in mathematics. The Math Center hosts student groups and their teachers and individual students and their parents to explore the many math-oriented exhibits.

Learning about coins with Bee-BotAmong the exhibits are those featuring Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot robots. Director Vicki Adams reports “The new Pro-Bot and Bee-Bot exhibits are a big hit! The kids are thinking and working to program the Pro-Bots and Bee-Bots to follow their direction to solve all sorts of math problems.”

Teach Pro-Bot to drawThe Math Center has stations where students can control and program the Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot robots on their own. The Bee-Bot stations feature pre-printed Bee-Bot mats with math themes such as coins and different geometric shapes.

Pro-Bots, which can carry a pen and draw as they move, are used on a table with large sheets of paper on which students can draw by programming Pro-Bot. Students quickly master the commands and are inspired to be creative, but have to work out the math to teach Pro-Bot to create the design they want.

Students quickly learn to control Pro-BotResidents and visitors in the St. Louis, Missouri area are invited to visit the Metamo4ic Math Center. Students who do boost their math comprehension while having lots of fun!

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