What is Pro-Bot and what can you do with it?

Pro-Bot is a full-fledged turtle robot with Logo on board. Like a car, which it appears to be, Pro-Bot can move forward and back and turn left and right. Pro-Bot can also do much more. The built-in pen mechanism allows it to draw as it goes. Capability to repeat and follow a series of commands, including a main program and sub-programs, makes Pro-Bot a hands-on responsive tool for teaching and learning programming. Built-in touch, light, and sound sensors give Pro-Bot the ability to respond to its environment, making it a great platform for teaching the basics of robotics. Whether you want to learn about programming, experience robotics, or just have fun, Pro-Bot is a great tool.

Pro-Bot can

  • Move according to a series of commands in specified distances and degrees
  • Display its program, highlighting each command as it is followed
  • Store and incorporate sub-programs into a main program
  • Draw as it moves with standard pens
  • Respond to feedback from touch, sound, and light sensors

With Pro-Bot you can

  • Control a robot
  • Write programs and watch them in action
  • Teach a robot to navigate its environment
  • Have fun!