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This page provides instructions for programming the Blue-Bot on-board

Note:The Blue-Bot needs to be charged before its first use. The power and sound switch need to be set to off in order for Blue-Bot to charge. The switches are located underneath the robot.

There are 3 ways to program the Blue-Bot. .
On-Board : Using the keys on top of the Blue-Bot
Tactile Reader: Using the tactile reader remotely via Bluetooth.
Logo Software: Use the Logo software and program the Blue bot via Bluetooth.

Moving the Blue-Bot

The Blue-Bot moves forward and back, one step at a time. One step is equal to 6 inches, 15 centimeters, or 1 length of the Bee-Bot.

TRY IT: Press the forward key one time, then select go. The Blue-Bot will move forward one unit.

: Press the X (clear button) and press the forward key two times, then select go. The Blue-Bot will move forward two units, one at a time.


TRY IT: Clear the previous commands. Press the back button 2 times then select go. The Blue-Bot will move backward 2 units.

Press the X button to clear all previously entered commands. Otherwise each new command entered gets added to the end of what has already been entered

The Blue-Bot moves right or left 90 degrees.

TRY IT: Press the right key one time, then select go. The Blue-Bot will turn right 90 degrees.

TRY IT: Combine at least three commands. Forward 1, Left 1 , Back 2. Don't forget to clear out your old program by selecting the X (clear) button. Where did your Blue-Bot go?

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