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Make sure you are connected via Bluetooth.
If you are not sure how to do this please click here

Try these first 3 simple commands. Commands can provide valuable information
Ask the Blue-Bot if it is connected to Bluetooth.
If it is connected it will return true
If not it will return false
true and false conditions is an important coding/programming concept.
Check the battery level.
Bluebot will return how much charge the blueblot has with 1.0 being 100 percent charged
this is a great opportunity to talk about decimals, place value and percentage
Clear the memory.
Bluebot will clear any commands that are in its memory
Time to get Blue-Bot on the move!
Move that Bot 101! .
To move the bot always start with This command won't do by anything itself. You have to tell Bluebot what to run.

Follow with a space, then an open bracket. Type a Logo command then close bracket. Press return. Try the example shown on the right [fd 1]
press return [fd 1]

Note: many Logo commands can be entered typing the full command or an abbreviation. This can be very helpful, especially for younger programmers.Click here to find the basic logo commands and their abbreviations.

Lets add some commands !
Multiple Steps .
Lets add another 2 steps to your program. Add the following: rt 90 fd 1. Your program should look like the example on the right. Try it! [fd 1 rt 90 fd 1]