The Logo Program Library

The Logo Program LibraryWelcome to our Program Library!

These pages contain an ever-growing list of Logo source code files. Many of these files demonstrate programming techniques, or Terrapin Logo features. You can download the source code to all programs, and modify them to your liking.

If you have a Logo program that you would like to share, let us know!

Robot Commands

Terrapin Logo can talk to several robots! Please read the Robot Commands page for details.

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Title DescriptionLevelTags
3-Card MonteA game of chance to locate the Queen of Hearts.IntermediateGame, Package
Go Get GeorgeA hidden picture puzzle game.BeginnerGame, Package
Logo CaptionatorAdd a caption to photos to document the who, what, when and where.AdvancedPackage, Photography
Morse CodeExplore the Morse Code system of communication.IntermediatePackage, Communication
SemaphoreExplore the semaphore system of communication.IntermediatePackage, Communication
Head For HomeHead For Home is a 2-player game of logic, luck and a little strategy.BeginnerGame, Package
Card TrickLogo never fails to find your card.IntermediateGame, Package, Animation
Logo Braille WriterThe Logo Braille Writer is a useful tool for learning about Braille.IntermediatePackage, Utility, Communication