McQuizWiz is a set of Logo procedures that creates multiple-choice quizzes. McQuizWiz may be used to create quizzes on any subject by supplying the questions and answers. There is no upper or lower limit on the number of questions in a McQuizWiz quiz. Questions and answers automatically appear in a different order each time a quiz is taken.

The startup screen.

McQuizWiz is a Logo 4 package example. It illustrates several interesting Logo programming capabilities to encourage others to try them out. These include using program controls for an interactive interface, reading outside text files into Logo, randomizing results, and keeping score. McQuizWiz is also a fun and useful program to use on its own.

A sample quiz question.

Questions for McQuizWiz are text files which may be created with any program that saves files in text format, including the Terrapin Logo editor, Notepad, TeachText, WordPad, or another word processing program. McQuizWiz question files have a structured format and should be saved with the .wiz extension.

Each question in a McQuizWiz question file consists of six lines:

  The first line is the question.
  The second line is the correct answer.
  The third line is an alternate choice.
  The fourth line is another alternate choice.
  The fifth line is another alternate choice.
  The sixth line is blank and separates questions.

You may have as many or as few questions in a file as you want. Both the order of the questions and the order of the answers is rearranged each time a quiz is run.

Save McQuizWiz files with the .wiz extension that was made for McQuizWiz which makes it easy to keep your quiz files organized. When McQuizWiz opens a quiz file, it uses the file extension qualifier: OPEN “|wiz=McQuizWiz text file|). You can get creative with your own file types very easily.

Click the link to download McQuizWiz.

Click the link to download the package.mcquizwizproject.logobin

The names of the intersting procedures, comma separated
Multiple choice quizzes in Logo.
Logo 4
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