Charging Guidelines for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot

After every use, recharge the robot fully. When its eyes change color, this indicates that the robot is done charging, so then you can remove it from the charge connection. Do not leave the robot on continuous charge. Don’t leave it charging more than one day for example. Leaving it on continuous charge can reduce the lifetime of the battery.

To charge:

Insert the USB cable into the charging socket on the underside of the 'bot. Connect the other end to a spare USB port on a PC or laptop. Or you can connect to a USB charging plug.

If you have the Docking Station or Six-Bot USB charger, then place the 'bot into that and connect the power cable. Unplug the Docking Station when charging is complete.

Bee-Bot charging lights:

  • one eye will light up GREEN to show that the battery is CHARGING
  • the GREEN light turns OFF when it is fully charged

Blue-Bot charging lights:

  • both eyes will light up RED to show it is CHARGING
  • both eyes will turn to GREEN when it is fully charged
  • when Blue-Bot has low batteries, and needs to be charged, its eyes will flash RED
  • when Blue-Bot is connected to Bluetooth, it eyes turn BLUE